MCRJ Special Issue Vol 4 No. 2 2018

MCRJ Special Issue Vol 4 No. 2 2018

Format Hardback / 263 pages
eISSN Number 2590 - 4140
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  Welcome to the Special Issue of Malaysian Construction Research Journal (MCRJ) in conjunction with The Global Congress on Construction, Material and Structural Engineering (GCoMSE) 2017. This special issue is a platform for researchers and engineers to share their knowledge and experiences in creating sustainable and environmental friendly world for the present and the future.

As we all know that this world is borrowed from the next generation and in other for us to ensure that it is well looked-after. Therefore, sustainable in construction, material and structural building are important keys to reduce direct impact on the environment. Sustanability in construction building and structural engineering are the optimization of construction activities in way that does not have harmful effects on resources, surroundings and living ecosystem.

This Special Issue of Malaysian Construction Research Journal theme which is ‘Green Technology for Global Awareness and a Better Future’ indicates the needs of preparing the world for future generation to continue their responsibility to make it a better place to live. This theme was divided into 3 major areas which are construction, material and structural engineering. These majors demonstrate the cornerstones of today’s construction engineering and structural research in promoting new ideas, developments and innovations that focuses on new current problems.