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Being driven by the Ministry of Works (MoW) through the Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB), a strategic plan named Construction Industry Transformation Programme (CITP) is formulated.

A programme called IBS Manufacturer & Product Assessment & Certification (IMPACT) is introduced to carry out CITP’s objectives providing Verification, Validation, Testing and Certification of products and components related to IBS in accordance with CIDB standards. Therefore, Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM) as an institution certified by CIDB carry out assessment and appraisal of innovations of products and technology related to construction and to publish its finding in the form of Technical Opinion (TO).

The objectives include to transform the construction industry to be highly productive, environmentally sustainable, with globally competitive players while focused on safety and quality standards.

Selection of innovative products or new technologies to be evaluated would be based upon products that do not have reference to Malaysian Standard (MS) or Foreign Standards. In a way, TO approve that third-party independent testing or assessment has been carried out on the product in question.


  • Automatic CCD points = 20 points for contractor’s registration renewal
  • Allows project owner / contractors to benchmark their workmanship quality on an industry wide basis
  • Gives that extra competitive edge to project owners/contractors that consistently deliver projects with high QLASSIC score
  • A good QLASSIC score track record serves to enhance the reputation of the project owner/contractor and ensures future marketability
  • Towards Continuous Improvement in construction quality
  • Eligible to be awarded during QLASSIC Day
  • To have standard quality assessment system for quality of workmanship of building projects

Who Can Apply?


Application Requirement

Product Certification   Mill Certification   Test Report   Supporting Documents   Product Sample


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Construction Product Approval (CPA)

Construction Product Approval (CPA) aims to certify construction products in the construction industry mainly for the four IBS Categories which are metal frame systems, wood frame systems, reusable formwork systems, and innovative systems that do not have specific standards. It has been modeled on international recommended practice, as an alternative certification scheme to assess and certify these products to enable each product in all categories to apply to CIS 24:2018 - IBS Manufacturer and Product Assessment and Certification (IMPACT).


IBS Manufacturer & Product Assessment & Certification – IMPACT program involves application process, assessment procedure, application approval and certification before recognized as a manufacturer of IBS component registered with CIDB.


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