MCRJ Special Issue Volume 21 No.1 2024

MCRJ Special Issue Volume 21 No.1 2024

Format Hardback /332pages
eISSN Number 2590 - 4140
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Product Description

  Welcome to this special issue in the Malaysian Construction Research Journal (MCRJ) for "Empowering the Built Environment : Nurturing Skills for Sustainable Development" which was compiled by RISM and UCSI University.  

This Special Issues of MCRJ consists of 20 selected papers by scientific committee and expert reviewers. The main theme as "Empowering the Built Environment: Nurturing Skills for Sustainable Development" with five (5) sub-themes: Construction 4.0, Contract and Legal Matters, Sustainable Development, Retrofitting, Information Technology and QS Profession. 

This is consistent with the Construction Industry Transformation Plan (CITP) agenda to gear professional practices and sustainability within the industry. In addition to the practices, the discussion is toward technology implemented and adopted, which is in line with the Construction 4.0 that the Malaysian construction industry is trying to cope with.

Hence, it is believed that these special issues may contribute to promoting the QS profession and professional practices in Malaysia to deliver professionalism as well as to sustain Malaysia's construction industry. The aspect of the main concern should be taken by the QS Profession are highlighted thru the sub-theme. Therefore, one of the initiatives to publish with the Special Issues volume to shows that QS Profession are coping with the current construction issues as well as to contribute to enhancing knowledge among not only QS Profession also to all construction players.