MCRJ Special Issue Volume 18 No.1 2023

MCRJ Special Issue Volume 18 No.1 2023

Format Hardback / 322 pages
eISSN Number 2590 - 4140
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  Welcome to the Malaysian Construction Research Journal (MCRJ) special issue in conjunction with the RISM International Research Conference 2021 (RISM-IRC2021). This conference has been jointly organized by the Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (RISM) and University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS).

The objectives of RISM-IRC2021 are to (i) provide a forum for open dialogue amongst postgraduates and researchers in the region on contemporary surveying and environmental issues and challenges ahead, (ii) provide postgraduates and researchers a networking opportunity with those from other institutions who have common interests and career paths, (iii) generate awareness on current issues and challenges in the construction and property sectors, and (iv) provide an out-reach platform for potential employers to talent-scout potential employees.

The construction industry, as a significant growth driver of the economy, has been very much affected by the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. It is vital for the construction industry to maintain its productivity at a reasonable rate in ensuring a sustainable future for its players. In line with this, the organizing committee has decided the theme as “New Norm: Maneuvering Towards Sustainable Future”. The five (5) sub-themes of this conference are Innovation, Technology & Engineering, Green & Sustainability, Quality, Safety & Productivity, Professional Practice & Management, and Education.

Through this conference, much of new findings and solutions on surveying, construction and environmental issues have been produced by the researchers. This special issue has included twenty (20) papers reviewed by the conference scientific committee and international reviewers. It is anticipated that the works included in this special issue will lead to a better understanding of the new norm, thereby, contributing to preparing our built environment towards a sustainable future.