MCRJ Volume 19 No. 2 2016

MCRJ Volume 19 No. 2 2016

Format Hardback / 136 pages
ISSN Number 1985 - 3807
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  Welcome to the nineteenth (19th) issue of Malaysian Construction Research Journal (MCRJ). In this issue, we are pleased to include nine papers that cover wide range of research area in construction industry. The editorial team would like to express our sincere gratitude to all contributing authors and reviewers for their contributions, continuous support and comments.

In this issue:

Khaled Ghaedi, et. al., investigate the effect of reservoir hydrostatic pressure on Kinta RCC dam in Malaysia which is constructed in 2002, and subsequently evaluate damages and crack propagation. The finite element model (FEM) of the RCC dam is made and bidirectional time history accelerations are applied to the RCC dam with and without considering the hydrostatic pressure effect. The obtained results show that, the hydrostatic pressure increases stress (25%) and change the displacement response of the dam from negative to positive direction. In addition to these, hydrostatic pressure causes damage at heel elements.