MCRJ Volume 22 No. 2 2017

MCRJ Volume 22 No. 2 2017

Format Hardback / 100 pages
ISSN Number 1985 - 3807
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  Welcome to the twenty-second (22nd) issue of Malaysian Construction Research Journal (MCRJ). In this issue, we are pleased to include six papers that cover wide range of research area in construction industry. The editorial team would like to express our sincere gratitude to all contributing authors and reviewers for their contributions, continuous support and comments.

In this issue:

Sharifah Akmam Syed Zakaria et al., explore the valuation of Industrialised Building System (IBS) technology as perceived by the construction players based on competitive advantages aspects at the strategic level with internal, competitor and market analysis. It is demonstrated that the valuation of IBS for competitive advantage is based on various aspects such as human-nature, people-environment and IBS future outlook in the construction environment. Collaboration through partnering and strategic alliance will make it possible for building projects to gain competitive advantages from IBS technology valuation.