The launching of GreenRE-MyCREST joint certification

26 Jun 2023
A sustainable rating tools of MyCREST and GreenRE offer a prescriptive and performance-based approach to green building certification covering common major pillars including energy efficiency, water efficiency, construction, sustainable materials, indoor environment quality and carbon impact assessment. Both schemes cover the full life cycle of a building from design and construction through to operations, maintenance and end of life.
To improve standardization, enhance collaboration between the public and private sector and increase the uptake of green buildings in Malaysia a technical task force was convened in March 2022 to formulate a joint certification framework between GreenRE and MyCREST.
The first stage of this joint certification program will be available for new non-residential building projects only while other categories will be developed in subsequent stages. Through this joint certification:

(a) GreenRE will act as lead certifier for private sector projects through GreenRE NRB v4.0 rating tool (to be launched) and CREAM will act as lead certifier for government sector projects through MyCREST v2.0 Design and Construction rating tool.

(b) Joint certification will aim to achieve a similar carbon reduction score for rated projects. All pre-requisites covering high impact areas to reduce embodied and operational carbon will be mutually adopted.

(c) Joint certification will be awarded such that a Platinum GreenRE equates to a MyCREST 5-Star rating, Gold a 4-star rating, Silver a 3-star rating and Bronze a 2 or 1-star rating.
We're excited to be able to work together to promote sustainable development in the property development and construction sector. We believe that this partnership will help us both achieve our goals, and we look forward to seeing how our combined efforts will help us make a real difference in the world!