MCRJ Volume 4 No. 1 2009

MCRJ Volume 4 No. 1 2009

Format Hardback / 95 pages
eISSN Number 1985 - 3807
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  The Editorial welcomes all readers to this fourth issue of Malaysian Construction Research Journal (MCRJ). Special thanks to all contributing authors for their technical papers. The Editorial would also like to express their acknowledgement to all reviewers for their invaluable comment and suggestion.

In this issue, Kamaluddin, highlights the current state of Public Works Department (JKR) taking its role as the main engineering agency of the Government of Malaysia to persuade the construction industry to migrate from the existing labour intensive, inefficient and non-sustainable to a more technology intensive, efficient and sustainable construction operations. This paper has been published in the International Seminar Proceedings on IBS at MiIE ’09 Malaysia IBS International Exhibition, 21st.-23rd. January, 2009, Kuala Lumpur.

Nuzul Azam, et. al. review the advantages and barriers of IBS implementation in construction industry. It is an attempt to fulfill the Government’s call for the adoption of IBS in Malaysian construction industry.