MCRJ Special Issue Vol 6 No. 1 2019

MCRJ Special Issue Vol 6 No. 1 2019

Format Hardback / 194 pages
eISSN Number 2590 - 4140
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Product Description

  This special issue of MCRJ includes 17 selected papers in the relevant area from a large number of papers which were presented at the Conference. Humans have upset the environmental balance since the advent of industrial revolution. The scientists and researchers are now doing a concerted effort to bring back the ecological system to its original path and to to tilt this in favour of the living beings and the resources at their disposal.

The papers included in this special issue bring to light the research related to areas such as using waste material to replace elements inside concrete, to use cement leftovers as an additive to self compacting concrete and a host of other techniques to compensate for the environmental effect caused by construction materials. The researchers have also contributed in this special issue on subjects of dredged marine soils application in construction. Climate change impact on the water resources of Sarawak and specifically Kuching basin area is also one topic where research is focused.

This special issue also presents some novel ideas on phenomena which have created recent interest such as design of buildings for reduction of haze impact and ways and means to counter and control the flash floods, which is closely related to environmental change. The Editors have undertaken all efforts to make this special issue informative, useful and scientifically sound, equally for the researchers and the decision makers.