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Research & Development (R&D)

R&D and Consultancy
CREAM provides consultancy services to CIDB as well as the industry players. CREAM undertakes analysis and research on the pressing issues of the country's construction industry and based on that analysis and research, provides practical policy recommendations that will improve the quality, productivity, and effectiveness of the construction industry by the following activities:
  • Carrying rigorous impartial research and analyses founded on facts and data.
  • Conducting workshops, round tables, conferences and talks for subject matter experts, policy makers, thought leaders and interested members of the public.
  • Proposing and advocating research findings in policy recommendations.

Research Cluster

Advance materials
Economic, environmentally friendly & quality construction materials and products
Industrialisation, advanced construction process, mechanisation, and digitalisation
Enculturing innovation to transform the construction industry

Technology Transfer

Knowledge & Resources
Harnessing knowledge to build capability and capacity of society
Promote, patent and commercialise R&D product
Collaboration with construction industry stakeholders to nurture the adoption of R&D on technology and innovation

Research Priority Areas

Industrial 4.0
Industrialised Building System
Innovation & Technology
Advanced Materials
Building Information Modelling


D3 focuses on affordability, adaptability, quality and sustainability via a collaboration between Sime Darby Property and CREAM.
  • To meet the affordable housing needs of the nation with quality homes
  • An innovative design and construction method to improve the quality of affordable homes that creates value on a massive scale
  • To adopt higher Industrialized Building System (IBS) content in line with the National Construction Industry Road Map to enhance construction time, quality and cost
  • Improves standard of living without the penalty of high prices
  • Improves liability with superior designs 
  • Improves construction speed with the use of IBS 
  • Improves site safety and lower labour dependency via off-site fabrication
  • Reduces material wastage and preliminary cost through modularization

Delight Homes

Motivation: The desire to improve and humanise low-income housing through design and efficient methods of building.
Humanising Qualities in a Home
  • Spacious, bright, and well- ventilated space
  • Green open public spaces around the premise
  • Private defensible space outside one’s door 
  • Adequate well-ventilated space for clothes drying
  • Homes that overlook play areas and public areas increase natural surveillance for safety
  • Tall, bright, and airy internal spaces
  • Modular design: 
  • Each housing unit is made up of standard modules that can be mixed and matched to form housing units of different sizes and layout


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