MCRJ Volume 26, No.3, 2018

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The launch of The Green Technology initiative by the Malaysian Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) to support the Malaysian Green Government Procurement (GGP) has yet to show its effectiveness in transforming the construction industry to embrace sustainable construction practices. Padzil@Fadzil Hassan et al., conducted a literature review and meta-data analysis of policy papers, industry reports and research publications to gain insights into this shortcoming. The findings of the study are discussed in this paper.

Afizah Ayob et al., identified the contractors’ perspectives regarding the key factors, their associated causes, current risk management implementation and mitigative measures in large construction companies in the northern states of Malaysia. The study can provide a thorough understanding of risk management and may lead to the development of a reasonable measure for risk factors, as well as can support the goal of achieving an acceptable level of competitiveness and cost-effective operation. The findings of the study are discussed in this paper.

Information Technology/Information System (IT/IS) promotes effective information exchange in multiple industries including construction industry. Nur Mardhiyah Aziz et al., studied the influence of human factors in determining the success or failure of IT/IS implementation the industry. The data for the study is obtained from a preliminary interview with seven Malaysian companies representing a variety of construction industry participants and IT experts as well as a questionnaire survey of 311 construction industry practitioners. The initial 23 human factors identified from a literature review are also used for the study. The findings of the study are elaborated in this paper.

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