MCRJ Volume 25, No.2, 2018

Welcome to the twenty-fifth (25 ) issue of Malaysian Construction Research Journal (MCRJ). In this issue, we are pleased to include eight papers that cover wide range of research area in construction industry. The editorial team would like to express our sincere gratitude to all contributing authors and reviewers for their contributions, continuous support and comments. In this issue: As sustainability has become a vital element in building development, Muhammad Syukri Imran et al., investigated the applicability of hydronic radiant cooling system charged with night cooled water in combination with Earth Tube Heat Exchanger (ETHE) to cool down a residential building in Malaysia. The hybrid system is found to meet the thermal comfort that building occupants desire and improve the indoor operative temperature by using natural heat sink sources such as the night sky and cooler ground. This allows the hybrid system to save 95% energy, as shown in a simulation. The results of the study are further explained in this paper.
Format :
Hardback / 117 pages
ISSN Number :
1985 - 3807
eISSN Number :
2590 - 4140
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