MCRJ Special Issue Volume 6, No.1, 2019

Welcome to the Special Issue of Malaysian Construction Research Journal (MCRJ) in conjunction with the 10th Asia Pacific Structural Engineering and Construction Conference (APSEC) 2018.

This Special Issue of MCRJ for the APSEC 2018 consists of 20 selected papers by conference committees and expert reviewers. The selected theme of APSEC 2018, which is ‘Sustaining the World with Better Structures and Construction Practices’ is indeed consistent with the national agendas in gearing up the sustainability development towards economy, social and environment for Malaysia. Besides, sustainable in construction, material and structural building are important keys to reduce direct impact on the environment.

Hence, it is believe that this special issue will help and contribute to promote sustainable structures and construction practices in Malaysia. We are well concerned of the importance in incorporating the sustainable elements in the construction practices and keep on the exploration in this direction especially in research and development. This Special Issue volume is one of initiatives that shows we are ready to be the leader in this area. Therefore, we hope that this special issue can promote new knowledge and technology towards a sustainable future.

Format :
Hardback / 241 pages
eISSN Number :
2590 - 4140
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