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SMART Web Portal

SMART Web Portal
CIDB Malaysia and CREAM are inviting you to submit an article to be published in SMART Web Portal.

The Standard, Method, Assessment, R&D, and Technology or SMART web portal aims to serve as a one-stop centre for the Malaysian Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) to disseminate information and the most resent update about the construction industry, including products, services and facilities. 

Accepted articles will be publish in the SMART web portal. Click HERE to view.
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Submission period : 16 May 2023- 31 September 2023
 We accept that are related to the following topics: 
  • Civil Engineering and Built Environment
  • Digitalisation in Construction
  • Construction and Innovation Technology
  • Social and Economic Impacts in Construction
  • Sustainable and Resilients in Construction
  • Smart Cities
  • ESG in Malaysia's Civil Society
* Other topic area will be considered and accepted upon review approval

Terms and Conditions

Authors and Honorarium
1. Maximum 3 authors per article.
2. Each author will be given honorarium and will be paid once articles were published in the portal.
3. CREAM will notify the authors if their articles are accepted for publication.
1. Review panel from CIDB have the final decision on the article.
2. Articles published are belonged to CIDB.
3. CIDB will have the rights to use any information in the articles are accepted for publication


1. The articlemust have less than 3,000 words, including tables and figures
2. The articles must be less than 5 pages
3. Tables and figures must be in raw form
4. Colour illustration for tables and figures must be consistent with web portal's colour scheme (refer and click : SMART)
5. Article's reference/acknowledgement must be provided at the end
For any enquiries, please contact our support.

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