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CREAM Webinar Series 2023

Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM), is back with CREAM Webinar Series 2023. This monthly webinar series aims to create a platform for industry practitioners and academia to initiate conversations on issues, challenges, opportunities, and initiatives for the construction industry. 

The theme of our next series of webinars is Memperkasakan Teknologi Industrialised Building System (IBS) dalam Kualiti Industri Pembinaan.
The webinar will be held on the following dates:
19 December 2023 : Session 1 : Pematuhan CIS 18:2023 dan CIS 24:2023 dalam Pelaksanaan IBS di dalam Projek Pembinaan
21 December 2023 : Session 2 : Penggunaan Teknologi IBS dalam Meningkatkan Kualiti dan Produktiviti Pembinaan
10 CCD Points per session offered by CIDB Malaysia!
Only RM75/session and RM30/session for students!
Group registration (min 3 people per group) RM50/pax per session and RM20/pax per sesion for students!
Book your slots and click HERE

If you missed the webinars or if you would like to watch them again, you can watch the recordings on our official YouTube Channel


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Copyright 2023 by Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM)
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