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Venue        : myBIM Centre Malaysia, Sunway Putra Tower, Kuala Lumpur 

Date           : 22 July 2020 until 23 July 2020

Course fee  : RM1,700 per person (HRDF Claimable)

*Limited to 18 person only*

This training course has been specifically designed by CREAM to equip you with the tools and understanding to implement construction & demolition waste minimisation and management strategies at all stages of a building or structure's life cycle. The programme is highly interactive and utilising case studies throughout the day to deliver against its objectives.

For more information and program detail, please click https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=pl1Ooj7qNE-cujp7GPYDK21ZFuvubMRBpe72YantlMZURFIxWVFXRDlWV1dVUUI5UzZFS0s3U0FSMy4u

Date: 17 April 2018 (Wednesday)

Place: MAMPAN, Level 11, Sunway Putra Tower, Kuala Lumpur


Sustainable building design and green building practices have the potential to save energy, save money and improve the quality of human habitat across Malaysia. They can also contribute to water conservation, more efficient use of raw materials, and ecosystem health around the globe. Many experts have singled out the building sector as having the most cost-effective opportunities for reducing carbon emission in fact, many building related opportunities are cost-neutral, or even cost-positive, to the building owner.

These tremendous benefits have made sustainable and green building practices a fast-growing trend and gaining major importance in the Malaysian building industry. Workforce skills and capabilities are essential to realizing the initiatives made by CIDB through many of its programs. Furthermore, it is important to raise awareness of the benefits of sustainable and green building, encourage the creation of green projects, and represent the collective interest of each community in a built environment that supports the health and well-being of the public. It is also to foster a deeper adoption of sustainable practices among the building professionals in Malaysia.


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