CREAM Eco Product (CEP)

About CREAM Eco Product (CEP) Certification

As the demand for eco-friendly products grows, the need for comprehensive and accessible certification is more important than ever. Many products are not certified, and existing certification programs can be costly and limited in scope. Additionally, while ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria are increasingly important, most current programs primarily focus on environmental factors.

CREAM has developed a comprehensive eco product certification to address these issues. In collaboration with industry experts, the CREAM Eco Product (CEP) certification adheres to ISO 14024 standards and ensures a comprehensive approach to product certification.

CEP Certification includes:

Qualification Criteria
  • Management Representative Training: Key personnel receive training to oversee and implement ESG practices.
  • Mandatory ESG Qualification Criteria: Essential criteria that products must meet to qualify for CEP certification, ensuring compliance with foundational ESG standards.
Product Environmental Claims
  • Environmental Claims: Businesses can choose from 15 categories to highlight specific environmental benefits associated with their certified products, offering flexibility and customisation.

Why Apply?

Industry Recognition
Get your products and business recognized as a responsible manufacturer of sustainable products.
Increase your reach. Certified products are listed on the CEP website, free for the public to access.
Stand out from competitors by displaying the CEP logo on your packaging and marketing materials.
Affordable & Easy Process
Stand out from competitors by displaying the CEP logo on your packaging and marketing materials.

How to Apply?


  • Enquiry

    Applicant obtain information on CREAM or certification website.

  • Training

    Applicant nominates a management representative to complete the mandatory online training.

  • Submission

    Applicant conducts self-assessment and submits completed form with required document evidence via e-mail.

  • Evaluation

    CREAM assessors conduct evaluation remotely. Review and approval by Product Certification Committee.

  • Result

    Applicant is notified by CREAM of the application result, whether successful or unsuccessful, via e-mail.

Tools & support provided:

  • Training: Management representative training ensures understanding and commitment to ESG principles.
  • Guided Implementation: Assistance in implementing ESG practices effectively within the organisation.
  • Incentives Program: Encouragement through incentives to adopt and excel in ESG initiatives.
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