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Water Efficiency (WE) generally underscores three main areas i.e minimise usage of potable water, reduce wastage and use of alternate source of water. Among these three areas, reduction of portable water has high impact on carbon reduction. Hence WE is set as one of criteria in MyCREST and stipulated in all the three stages of MyCREST certification.



To provide the participants with some fundamental technical knowledge on WE related to MyCREST. The syllabus comprises of knowledge sharing on related regulatory requirements, fundamental design features in WE,basic principle of water management, alternative water sources understanding the calculation of carbon emission with respect to WE in MyCREST calculator , method of estimation of green cost in MyCREST WE and calculation of ROI for the project.


For more info, please download the registration form and guideline here.

1 sebutharga was opened by CREAM and CIDB to all qualified suppliers on 25 April 2018 and were closed on 8 May 2018. A total of 4 proposals were received and evaluated. Below is the list of price for public display.



The CIDB Act 520 (Amendment 2011) has authorised Lembaga Pembangunan Industri Pembinaan Malaysia (CIDB) to enforce and regulate the construction products as per Section 33C (1), Section 33D (1) and Section 33D (2). All construction materials/products listed in the Fourth Schedule of Act 520 (Amendment 2011) are required to obtain CIDB’s Certificate of Standards Compliance or “Perakuan Pematuhan Standard” (PPS). Ready-Mixed Concrete is already included in the Fourth Schedule.

As stated in the Fourth Schedule, ready-mixed concrete must comply with the Construction Industry Standard 21 (CIS 21) and the Malaysian Standards MS 523: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. MS 523: Part 1 is now being replaced by MS EN 206:2016. The scope of CIS 21:2016 is for ready-mixed concrete produced by any ready-mixed concrete plants producing concrete for structural and non-structural use, including those used in casting of precast concrete products.

CREAM Certification Service (CCS) is already providing product certification for ready-mixed concrete. It was started as a pilot scheme during the development and drafting stage of CIS 21. CCS is recognized by CIDB and has successfully issued Product Certificate of Conformity to some successful ready-mixed concrete producers and concrete product pre-casters. With experience gained, CCS intends through this program to explain and highlights the requirements of the standards specified in Fourth Schedule for the better understanding by the ready-mixed concrete producers and concrete product pre-casters.




The main objective of this program are : -

1. Understanding and appreciation of the requirements of CIS 21:2016, MS 523-2:2017, MS 523-3:2017 & MS EN 206:2016.

2. Focussing and fundamental requirements on production control, conformity control and conformity criteria to engineer, regulator, consultant, contractor, and producer.

3. For producer upon completing this program, the participants could proceed to establish the production control system manual, control procedures and to perform conformity control and to maintain them.

For more info, please download the registration form and guideline here.


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